Dog Training

Private Dog Training Classes

We provide in home one-on-one training for PUREBRED and MIXED-BREED dogs of ALL AGES. We also work with abused dogs, blind and/or deaf dogs and puppies that were separated from the mom at an early age.

The Dog Remedy® process involves a comprehensive analysis of dog’s environment, background and diet as well as a temperament testing and human interaction with the pet.

During the analysis process, the trainer will outline the custom training program as each case, like each dog, is different.

Why Us

  • 30 years of experience
  • Reliability
  • Fast Results
  • Veterinary Recommended
  • Humane Techniques
  • Voted Best in LA


Dog Behaviorist Los Angeles

Dog Behavior Training Manage and prevent behavior problems

Dog Training Beverly Hills

Dog Obedience Training Basic instruction for all ages and breeds

Puppy Training Los Angeles, CA

Puppy Training Prepare your puppy for success

Dog Remedy® is a gentle response training model that focuses on the whole dog and her environment, not just the dog's mind. It integrates and balances the principles of canine behavior with stress management, diet, natural dog training techniques and dog-environment dynamics.

Positive Reinforcement without Treats: A Better and Healthier Choice!

Unlike other dog training programs, we teach dogs to listen to you at all times without food rewards or punishment. We use real life rewards instead. Our motto is to keep dog training short and simple and to encourage a healthier lifestyle for your pet. At Dog Remedy® we use four core methods: hand signals, voice commands, audio behavioral therapySM and alternative behavior modification techniques. Dog Remedy® allows you to customize the program to you and your dog's individual needs.

We do NOT use choke chains, pinch or electric collars or any device that hurts animals.

Our approach engages the owners in the actual training process and is highly effective with fast results. The Dog Remedy® approach could easily be incorporated in basic commands as well as modification of any kind on behavioral issues.

Dog Remedy® operates from the premise that dogs are easily trained, provided their owners understand how dogs view and respond to their surroundings.